Competencies & services

Pushing all the right buttons.

  • We write

    Language is our principal tool. We have a perfect command of it, too: the content we provide is worded spot-on for the medium and the target group involved, and it gets results. Whatever the medium is - a press release, an image brochure or speeches for events – we know how to put your content across. We also master the entire repertoire of successful PR work: as an experienced PR agency, we are experts for “earned content” - that is, we “earn” ourselves a place in the relevant channels with our editorial work. But the “owned content” on your company website or “paid content” in the form of native advertising are also our home turf, and we realize them appropriately.

  • We develop

    A well thought-out concept is always the foundation for good PR work. This is because, if you plan to communicate your content convincingly, you have to ask a lot of questions: What are the target groups? Which communication channels are relevant for us? What message is to stick in people’s heads? This is where the agency comes in. Together we find solutions and develop suitable strategies. No matter whether it’s adapted for classical media or optimized for social media: well-conceived content guarantees you will get attention – and helps to form sustainable relations with the public.

  • We organize

    Personal contacts have a special significance in the digitalized world. This means that press conferences with opinion leaders from the specialist press, company celebrations or events for your stakeholders have to be well-organized. Our agency knows how to turn your event into a successful celebration. We take care of planning for you and help you to put it into practice – from choosing the location and inviting the guests to the post-analysis. At specialist fairs, too, we take you by the hand and let you benefit from our expert competence. In this way, we guarantee that your company is represented successfully.

  • We design

    As an agency, we offer an all-round package for professional public relations. This of course includes the creation of special eyecatchers. As human beings, we rely heavily on our sense of sight. To make sure you land in the field of vision of your target group, our design professionals support you in the attractive design and presentation of your communication media. For example, a contemporary design for your website is not the only “must” for ensuring a positive external perception. We’re also spot-on when it comes to designing your brochure or creating succinct information diagrams.

  • We network

    Strong partners achieve strong results. This is why strategic networking is so vital for successful communication. Our well-established contacts to relevant influencers of public opinion are essential here. Also, as a member of AIKA, we are networked in an interdisciplinary way and profit from a constant exchange of ideas with other professionals in the sector. We also maintain excellent relations with international partner agencies, allowing us to make your company known in other countries too: we have a dense network with some big fish in it.

  • We document

    Our range is your success: as experts for earned content, we create a large number of publications in the media relevant for you. As we do so, we collect the results of our cooperation and draw up a concrete overview for you which presents our results clearly and transparently. In this way, your PR work is backed up by measurable data, and the goals reached are made visible to you. However, the focus should always be less on where and more on what is communicated, as that is the main thing.