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Mobile heating station protects ceramic components from thermal shock

StrikoWestofen’s newly developed mobile heating station now allows ceramic components to be heated directly on site. As a result, riser tube, filling funnel etc. can be carefully heated to the ideal temperature of 400 degrees Celsius immediately before use. Up to now, the heating process was often performed incorrectly and haphazardly as the market did not offer any well-designed technical solutions. This situation not only endangered the intactness of the ceramics – it compromised the safety of the foundry workers too.

It happens when a teapot kept in a cold place meets up with briskly boiling water: the ceramics crack. This phenomenon is known as “thermal shock”: an abrupt change in temperature leads to mechanical tensions between the part of the material which is still cold and the part which is already hot. Cracks are the result. The situation is similar with ceramic components in dosing furnaces, such as riser tubes or filling funnels. This is why they should be carefully heated before use in the furnace. However, this is often done using the wrong methods, causing more damage than it prevents.

Mobile solution, flexible options

As of immediately, the Norican brand StrikoWestofen offers its customers a new solution to the problem of thermal shock: a mobile heating station allowing ceramic components to be uniformly heated to the ideal temperature of 400 degrees Celsius. The unit can be used anywhere and can be placed immediately adjacent to the dosing furnace. This facilitates foundry logistics, as ceramic parts can be used after being heated to the necessary temperature without having to be transported first. In addition, the new station has two separate heating zones which can be regulated independently of one another. This allows components to be heated to different temperatures at the same time. Freely selectable adapter rings allow flexible use. They also simplify handling for the employees and protect them from injury.

“The advantages of our mobile heating station are obvious: the uniform heating of the ceramic components extends their life span. Plant downtimes due to repairs can be minimized, and this in turn has a positive effect on the productivity of the foundry,” explains Holger Stephan, Vice President of the Aftermarket Sales Support & Service division of StrikoWestofen in Gummersbach. The station is heated electrically using a CEE 16 ampere standard plug – a special adapter is not necessary. It is already available in Europe and Asia, with the US, Mexico and the rest of the world following in the fourth quarter of 2018.
More details on the mobile heating station are available directly from StrikoWestofen by telephone (+49 (0)2261-70910) or in the Internet under


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